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Avail 12 Month Loans on Best APR & Easy Terms

Suppose your car has broken down unexpectedly and you are left wringing your hands as to how on earth to meet the rather steep repair costs. Or worst, one of your family members has taken ill and is hospitalized leaving you with an equally huge and at the same time unavoidable payment to be met.

Besides the above, there are umpteen other occasions that keep occurring out of the blue. All of us face such extremely difficult to tide over financial crunch situations. So, what is the best way out to overcome these situations?

Approaching the banks or the lending financial institutions for a longer payday loans like 12 month loan, is not going to work as they would anyway take their sweet time for processing your loan application. Here, you are required to arrange for the money say £ 700 within the next hour or so. It is that tight and immediate a crisis you are facing

Including 1 year loans we can also match the 1 month loan, 3 month loans and 6 month loans. You get flexible choice in choosing the duration of the loan term, pick the most suitable repayment period on the basis of your current financial status.

    Fill in online form, present documents and get 12 month payday loan approved within minutes

    Well, you can apply for loans for 12 months up to the maximum amount of £1000 only

  • The entire process involved is so simple that it is actually childís play.
  • You simply log on, open our web site, complete the process of entering the details and thatís it.
  • Once this is done from your side, the processing and the final approval or otherwise of this emergency loan would take place within the next 24 hour work day, amazingly, simple, isnít it?
get cash now

    Now, you need to ensure that you provide the following proof online so that you are guaranteed the money you need so badly.

  • Evidence to show that you are a UK resident.
  • Evidence to show that you are a UK resident.
  • Evidence of personal UK identity.
  • Here it is imperative to substantiate that you are employed for the last one year or so. This will establish not only your proof of income but also your ability to repay the loaned amount.
  • Credit rating if any, though this is not at all a compulsory a condition for cash loans. All the same, the availability of such a rating would help taking the decision in your favor that much quickly.

Please note that even though you are not approaching the banks and other lenders for your 12 month payday loan, the rest of the process and evaluation criteria remain the same, largely speaking, that is.

Instead of the banks directly speaking to you, we at, serve the role of a loan matching service provider to do the needful. In case of a default, there are penalties involved.

The expedient approval of your 12 month loan depends on your satisfactory presentation of the above documents only. The advantages here are Ė

  • Repay in over a year
  • Non-emphasis on a higher credit rating
  • Interest rates that are lower than what the credit card companies charge
  • Fixed & easy monthly installments
  • You are also not required to pay us any fee to process your applications
  • No credit check, no brokers fees, no guarantor & no bad credit issue
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